5 most popular console-based sports games on the market

Sports games are undoubtedly one of the most popular genres in the gaming industry, with millions of fans flocking to their nearest retail stores or going online to obtain the latest instalment in their favourite franchises. Game developers understand the importance of recreating the excitement, drama and tension that epitomises every sport and attempt to create a gaming experience that immerse gamers into the heart of the action.

Certain titles, such as Ashes 2013 which was pulled by 505 Games, prove that taking a sporting concept and executing it in a game that effectively resembles every detail of the action is much easier said than done, but considerable advancements in graphic and animation capturing technology have made it possible to create big-selling titles on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that have captured the imagination of an entire community.

console-based sports game

Fifa 15

The Fifa series is undoubtedly one of their shining lights in EA Sports’ array of sports-based franchises, with the hugely popular series creating the ability for gamers to lead their favourite football team to glory, or create their own pro and experience what it is like to be a footballer. Fifa 15 has taken up the baton with an array of game modes, such as Career Mode, Be a Pro and Ultimate Team which can be played alone, with friends or online against an extensive gaming community.

Unlike their fierce market rivals Konami, EA’s ability to obtain legal rights for every league, team and country that features on their game, along with their official kits and badges, adds that personal touch which makes Fifa 15 so special. Although Fifa 16 is set to be released in late September with even more improvements to the gameplay and animation features, 15 is a must for any football enthusiast.

Rugby World Cup 2015

As the euphoria and excitement builds during the countdown towards the start of the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England, the same applies to the game that will suitably incorporate the event into the virtual world. Made by Bigben Interactive, Rugby World Cup 2015 will add an extra dimension to the real life tournament by allowing gamers to control any of the sixteen participating nations in the hope of lifting the infamous Webb Ellis Cup. The game will provide rugby union fans, who can log onto Coral for the best action and World Cup odds throughout the tournament, with a great way to feed their need for sporting action when there are no group or knockout games being played. Bigben Interactive have yet to reveal the official release date or much information about the game, but if Rugby World Cup 2015 manages to recreate the same high-adrenaline feel, great tries and big hits that the real-life tournament will be packed with, then it will be a success.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015

Although they have remained in the shadow of Fifa for numerous years, there is strong belief in the gaming community that Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is a clear sign, if one was needed, that Konami are finally bridging the gap. The game continues to be well received by gamers and critics alike, with significant improvements in animation, AI and graphics creating a game that simply cannot be ignored. Konami may have the power to obtain the official license for major worldwide tournaments, such as the UEFA Champions League and Copa Libertadoes, but they will struggle to overhaul EA’s ability to obtain every other license and utilise it on their game. However, with the demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 being released on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it provides gamers with a taste of what’s to come from the hugely successful 2015 instalment.

NHL 15

American sports are certainly not left out of the equation when it comes to popular sports-based games on the market, with NHL 15 continuing an EA-led legacy that no other developer has been able to match. It signalled the franchise’s first entry onto the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, and has certainly not disappointed through excellent collision, puck and overall gameplay physics that makes gamers feel like they are on the ice rink themselves. Interactive crowd movement, group celebrations and NBC Sports Game Day Presentation are just some of the other additional details that comes together in NHL 15 to create an enjoyable game for any ice hockey enthusiast to play on their console.

Madden 16

An EA-based franchise which has been running for twenty-seven years shows no signs of relenting in its efforts to provide gamers with the very best American football game on the market, with Madden 16 set to raise the bar further than ever before. The game, which is available for last-gen and current-gen consoles, hit the retail shelves on August 25th to wide acclaim from gamers who have been waiting to get their hands on Ultimate Team and Draft Championship modes, along with new improvements to the passing physics and overall feel of the game.

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