7 reasons why you should invest in SEO

Is it profitable to invest in SEO? Since SEO is dead (or so they say) many small e-commerce (and not so small) never cease to wonder … Why would I invest in improving my SEO?

Because if you’re not in the top ten for a search not exist.

The statistics speak for themselves: the first page of search results accounts for the vast majority of traffic but, on the contrary, the result that appears in the tenth position have to settle for a paltry 2% of it. In other words, if you do not show up on the first page is like you do not exist.

Investing in SEO you’re hiring a professional with current knowledge about what is what works in the search engines (if you’re lucky enough to hire a good professional, charlatans selling smoke there on all sides).

This professional will identify the most profitable keywords for your industry are and prepare a SEO strategy to attack the top positions.

Because Google has penalized you and do not know how to get out of the hole.

“Google has penalized me and each time comes less traffic to my website”. Or rather you did something wrong (or failing that the guy who was in charge of SEO before) and have been a penalty. How do you get it?

This is the main reason why many companies decide to invest in SEO. A good professional will identify where the problem is, what has been the search algorithm update has penalized the web and why and how we can get out of the penalty.

Because you have set up a website and do not know where to shoot.

Relax, it happens to everyone at first. However, an experienced professional SEO is not voodoo or a terrorist dedicated sink and hack websites. This is an expert who, in addition to knowing the latest trends in search engine marketing has knowledge about social networking, digital marketing etc. and therefore can help you get more conversions.

In other words, SEO, Marketing & Social networks no longer function as isolated strategies cores are a common strategy.

Because investing in SEO you’ll get more conversions.

It’s simple math, appearing in the top results, not only will you get to increase your traffic volume, you’ll also get to increase the number of conversions: sales, etc. completed forms.

You’re investing SEO improve many aspects of your website.

True, Content is King. But if you want to fight for the top position for a very competitive keyword will not be worth that alone. You’ll have to improve every last aspect of your page: make responsive, optimize loading speed, monitor broken links etc. offering a cleaner navigation for your users.

Because SEO generates branding.

If you manage to position yourself in the top positions for keywords of your business users will always find there improving your brand image.

And finally, because SEO is profitable.

While the results are slow to see, SEO is a very profitable long-term strategy. The benefits of SEO are full incremental investment (as positioned to show up for more keywords get more traffic and conversions) and stable. So … What are you waiting for? SEO is not an expense but an investment.

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