Apparently the iPhone 6S and 6S plus are water resistant to a certain level

After the release of the new iPhone and iPhone 6S 6S Plus and its great success in its first week of sales, number of users, we imagine Youtuber began to perform the respective tests of dubbing and drop resistance and water resistance finally, this last one caught my attention because after water submerged for longer than 1 hour iPhone 6S and 6S Plus ended smoothly at first sight.

iPhoneApple has never mentioned in the presentation of its new terminal which is waterproof, so there is nothing official to confirm this theory, and to leave doubts the company iFixit conducted a thorough check to go further with respect this issue.

IFixit discovered what has been some noticeable but not very important to seal the panel components such as the motherboard of corrosion, internal changes this point looks very interesting but could also find the volume buttons, speakers, and entry earphones do not have the same safety and water resistance so that the iPhone casts doubt 6S and 6S Plus iPhone are really in their entirety waterproof.

This shows that they can not get new handsets apple water for fun since there is nothing official, and safety is half, so if you go into the water is under the responsibility of each user, we recommend It is to keep entourage and avoid any contact with water, although the cell can withstand a certain level.

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