Computer Security Expert Was Able To Take Control Of The Flight Systems Of Several Airlines Between 2011 And 2014

When we all thought that aircraft safety and the environment could not be better, he is a specialist in cybersecurity and makes it clear that in a matter of minutes you can take control of various functions of the plane and even create fake security alerts.

His name is Chris Roberts, is the CTO and founder of One World Labs dedicated to cybersecurity and had the brilliant idea of putting the safety of several aircraft where he traveled between 2011 and 2014. In summary in check, Roberts managed infiltrate some aircraft systems and not only monitor the activities of aircraft but also to parameters such as the height of the aircraft or power of each of the engines.

TechnologyHis interference was not intended to cause an attack, on the contrary, Roberts used each of its interventions to create safety reports to be presented later to the same airlines, something like: “You have all these problems, I can fix”. The companies did not pay much attention to his offer but if he did the FBI who recently questioned it, the same as now issued its own report which listed as Chris Roberts managed to take control of the aircraft systems.

In those flights Roberts to these systems with a laptop and a modified Ethernet cable that allowed the connection with systems, which then checked how could modify at will be connected. Among other things he said that he could control commands control of engine power causing lateral movements and even joked about that ability in Twitter while on a flight of United Airlines in April 2015.

In that message indicating that it could control the alert system for passengers and crew and could have created a false alert if wanted.

Although check your system interference, the FBI arrested Roberts did not take, but if requisitioned your iPad, your MacBook Pro and several external drives. This was not the only loss for him and his company, the security community has criticized the mods operand of this expert, something that can bring some impact when attracting new customers.

In an interview with Wired Roberts he said that despite agreeing to these systems had not done anything more to explore these networks and watch the traffic between them. The connection is done through calls Seat Electronic Box or SEB, that are installed on some aircraft. After opening slightly force managed to connect an Ethernet cable Cat6 then using default usernames and passwords used in these systems and that gave access to those systems.

For the part of those affected, United Airlines banned access to Roberts to all flights and maintained its position in defending the safety of their aircraft, they said its flights and planes are safe in this section, but after that we have a feeling of insecurity and that much remains to revise security policies, if a passenger with knowledge without malicious intent was able to do all this, which is for those who want performs attacks like those of the twin towers. visit here for more tips.

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