Crossy Road – Get, Set, Go!

Produced by Hipster Whale, Crossy Road is one of the most exciting and entertaining additions in the world of online gaming. The simple game is all about crossing roads and rivers and making progress. You must not hit cars, trains and other hurdles if you want to survive. As soon as you bump into any of the obstacles your player will instantly die. There are rivers, gardens, train tracks and much more to cross to succeed in the game. Though you may find the game play relatively easy, remember that it is not as simple as it appears to be.

Universal Appeal

A game that you will love returning to, Crossy Road is very challenging and you will love to take on this trial. Even the best gamers across the world love to indulge and dare to face the test of this game. Its universal appeal makes it an ideal game for gamers of all ages. No matter if you are girl or a businessman looking to have some fun, this game can be your best bet.

Game Play

At the heart of the experiment that became Crossy Road’s design, the developers have made a game that is free and fun. You don’t have to pay anything at all to play this game. But this is just one reason that makes an exciting option. Based on the 8-bit arcade game Frogger, the game is very long and much more entertaining than Frogger. Crossing the streets to get to the other side and getting across railway tracks and rivers with floating logs is sheer fun. The game has an addictive quality that makes it so popular among games of all ages.

Lots of Entertainment

If you play the game on PC you need to use the arrows on your keyboard to move forward. Those who use their phone to play Crossy Road need tap on the screen to jump forward and swipe left, right, or back to move in other directions. The cars and other vehicles keep moving from left to right and are hard to dodge. But the train track is easier as the trains come in with warning. In the same way, the rivers are tricky; you need to navigate the rows of moving logs in order to jump and cross successfully. Remember that the screen keeps moving forward so you need to keep moving too least you end up dying.

So get online and check out Crossy Road; it will surely become one of your most favorite games just like countless gamers around the planet.



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