Google makes official YouTube RED

As he recited the saying: “When the river sounds, it’s because there’s fire,” the rumors about a new type of subscription YouTube is eventually confirmed and we will have a subscription that will allow us to see each and every one of the videos of YouTube without interruption, although obviously with certain conditions.

Youtube RedYouTube Network, this is how we meet this “new service” YouTube, it will free us from the annoying advertisements that appear at the beginning and during the videos daily reviewed in this social network. Here you will find the videos of your favorite youtubers some differences proceed to highlight:

1. Not free: Although many would like to hear that this is free or almost free comparable price, the truth is that it must be almost USD $ 10 to be part of this service, to be exact USD $ 9.99 .

2. Exclusive content: While initially understand that this kind of paid subscription include everything that we currently have on our own, we could see exclusive content that the rest subscribers use the Free- service which would not be available. This feature not to think that from now content creators will be able to make exclusive videos for their paying subscribers, which justifies payment and compensate them for the money they paid.

3. Offline Mode: As the podcast and streaming music services (fee) in YouTube Network work you can download the videos you need to then be able to play offline.

4. Playing video in the background: Some highly demanded feature as playing in the background of the application without stopping the video or music will now be a reality with the signing.

5. Free Google Play Music with the subscription: all those users who choose reproduction endless catalog of Google Play Music, the service will also get unlimited music streaming, as it works with the same standard subscription.

By far these are the “royalties” to tell all those who subscribe to YouTube Network, and if they thought that this would require a new application, the answer is: NO. The same application is now installed on our phones have updated and will be able to tell whether or not you’re YouTube Subscriber Network, as it will enable the subscription options.

Availability? as usual with Google services for the moment is only available in the US, perhaps-some weeks after start to reach other continents, all depends on how the new invention YouTube works. A wait gentlemen!

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