Guest Blogging: Benefits of publishing all as Guest Author

Definitely, Guest Blogging is a few link building techniques that still work. But all is not SEO in life, publishing on other platforms as guest authors will allow us to expand our audience reaching a new audience. Furthermore, the host site will receive free content and a new perspective on your platform.

First, You know what is Guest Blogging?

The Guest Blogging is the practice of posting content on another site as a guest author usually in return for a link to our website and the possibility to market our business or our own personal brand.

But Guest Blogging has changed: no longer serves any page to publish our content. Gone was the publication of posts in generic articles directories (penalized in most cases). Now we spend time finding the right platforms. What we have to look? For more visit

  • That the talk page of our related content.
  • That the contents therein are published in the same language as the page you want to link.
  • That it has not suffered any penalty.
  • That the contents published in it are consistent with our editorial policy.
  • And of course, it is desirable that it be authoritative pages in our industry, with a high PageRank and their publications have an impact on social media.

If we are looking for guest authors to publish on our website we can not be content with anything. We have to be very picky when it comes to allowing authors to publish their content. In other words, we will interest you:

  • The authors are experts in our industry.
  • The authors have an impact on the social networks and, if possible, who have worked their Author Rank.
  • The wording of the writers must be related to our editorial policy.

The Advantages and Benefits of Guest Blogging.

We will not be fooled, we are dedicated to SEO seldom see beyond the fruit of Guest Blogging link. And indeed if accepted our content on a page in our industry with a PageRank 7 we have achieved a lot but … as we advanced to the top of the article is not all SEO in this life.

By publishing authors as guests we will promote our personal brand to our readers. It is very important to strive to create quality content: these readers will check the quality of our work and will be interested in our website.

Gradually get the audience we relate our industry with the chosen theme in which we will position ourselves as experts.

Thanks to Guest Blogging we can manage to get professional proposals: proposals for work, collaboration and so on.

Not to forget that we will get referral traffic. If we are able to direct this traffic properly you might even get some conversion. In any case this will be public and like our content so it is possible to become repeat users of our website.

On the other hand, the page publishes the article will generate completely free and without investing little effort content.

And it’s always important that different perspective provided by guest authors who can often address matters that perhaps you do not master both.

Our plan for new authors and platforms.

Behind every page there is a person you have to negotiate the publication of articles. In the background Webmasters negotiate with is very similar to flirt: you have to locate, identify, investigate, find out what they like and attack them.

The first step is to identify the manager of the website. Usually the author will sign his articles but, if not, you can send a contact form or use Who Is

Once you locate the author can look for it on the social networks. Paralegal and begins to slowly work for it: share your content, vote, discuss it and make him a little ball. If I earn it we got half the job done.

Make sure you see your work to verify that produces quality content and you’re a professional in the industry. So you will notice that you have a valuable perspective to contribute to its platform.

And now begins the process of negotiation. Start commenting that while you follow your website and you would like to collaborate with him. Explain all the benefits that you will obtain both thanks to Guest Blogging (to have something this post).

Offer him your best: quality content, extensive, optimized and all the visibility you can offer thanks to your social profiles.

Take your time to complete this process, take all the time you need and ensure your chances of success.

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