How do I gain more followers on Twitter!

Twitter is one of those tools that, properly used, can considerably increase the amount of traffic to our blog and, therefore, in time, our positioning. Another thing we know is able to use it for the intended purpose and in the right way for the purposes of our website. So … How do I get more followers on Twitter and that impact on visitors of my site?

Social MediaThe first is that you like Twitter. The social network of 140 characters is one of the few social networks that actually need to be social. You can share content on Facebook and not be giving constant feedback to your “fans”, you can post “themes” on LinkedIn and will not need you to work like crazy with them. But Twitter does not work. Blue bird with the best you can do is love him. Want to share news, valuable and relevant information and, above all, listen to your fans and people who may be interested in your cause, product or brand.

Once we have this clear the next step is to take a series of measures to help us get more followers in a scalable and intelligent way:

  • Do not obsess over the followers. Yeah, this is going to get followers but even so, you should not obsess over them. Anything You better keep those 1,000 thousand if nobody listens to you, you read or directly are not active users of Twitter.
  • Tweets and “strategic” re-tweets. Might behave like crazy but it’s a good idea for your business you should think things. So, make strategic tweets that serve your purposes. You can, for example, choose 20 of your followers and re-tweet their updates or ask them the issues that tweet.
  • Limit the number of people who follow.’s Not why you have to follow everyone. You have to follow relevant users to your brand or your customers or suppliers, but not to anyone who passes by yourself.

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