How to Increase Index of Your Search Engine Page

English foreign trade website, basic website is to do foreign trade products, generally encounter a problem, how to increase your search engine page to improve search rankings? Google and other major English search engines included a small number of pages, while the number of web pages will include a Google ranking (PR) of a reference element.

Search Engine Optimization - Magnifying Glass

Many websites like lightinthebox trade as a general site station, the site contains all of the products. As the foreign trade website google seo /

SEM course there are some risks, especially to do fake brand of foreign trade website, found station will be closed. Therefore, many foreign companies to license their products to do the fake Web site points scatter is essentially a product of a brand, or even a product line to make a web site, to reduce the risk of blocked stations.

Web site for a class of foreign products do SEO optimization, there is a great difficulty: that the content of the site is very limited, basically Products; less the content of the product itself, but many are not original. This site in Google and other foreign search engines on your English is rarely, and mostly non-original content, also affect the sites search ranking.
Website seo optimization, to website construction to do a lot of external links, to some extent to optimize the site search rankings, but the site itself because your page is too small, so that the ratio of foreign chains and contains a serious imbalance. Will seriously affect the site or keyword search results.

Guangzhou, known in English seo Services engineer with Yuki the communication process, the foreign trade website construction found there are some ways to solve the solution contains less problems foreign websites:

1. The product of foreign trade to add a second blog site. Firstly, can have a frequently updated platform; two years, so Google and other search engines your English with product-related blog post pages, such as: industry news, product information, use the maintenance information; three years, can increase the potential buyers the users trust.
2. To the product label trade site to add a plug-Tags (trade website and more procedures done by the zen cart), or custom with English site to add Tags can process labels. Add some popular search tab, which also help increase your search engine page.
3. To increase trade within the anchor text of each site station chain. Guide the search engine, full, complete, in-depth your site-wide page.
4. Every page add a New Product (Hot Products) module, to keep the page updated state (no traffic on the site when the latest module in the specified products and randomly read the back can be to read two class blog article).
5. Website external link building, this is very important. Outside the chain can improve the quality of your site!
6. Install sitemap XML plug-in, submit to Google Webmaster Tools.

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