How to monetize and earn money from your blog without trick users

To make money with a blog does not need the user to manipulate files and capturing it with misleading incentive’s to click on banners also misleading: for that we have pages series. No, what I want is to make money cleanly, without guile and without creating a horde of pissed off users that will stain my personal brand.


1. Earn money with Adsense and other affiliate platforms

I’m not telling any secrets: adsense is a direct way to make money from the start. It goes without having created a strong personal reputation or attract regular traffic volume: we can insert these ads from the first minute of life on our blog.

The problem certainly is the intermediary: Google is going to stay with a large percentage of the revenue from your blog so unless you get to capture thousands of visits final earnings will allow you to hopefully invite your friends to a beer.

2. Negotiate directly with companies including banners in your industry

It’s a formula that has occurred to me and I’m looking for a company interested in trying it (if your case do not hesitate to contact me ;) ). But let’s see the advantages of this formula: I’m not only eliminating the middleman (the company will pay less and I can earn much more), we are also talking about introducing a thematic banner: for example, in this blog SEO introduce banner digital marketing agency. So, besides controlling the advertising on my site (admittedly, Adsense sometimes plays garbage) get ratios much higher conversion since he is a public interest in the sector and, therefore, much more qualified.

3. Optimize Conversion blog

Many companies have taken to create and distribute quality content simply because content marketing is all the rage. It’s the harsh reality: neither have a defined strategy far have been raised that this formula can make money directly. In this sense, we can:

  • Include a link to more related product with a call to action to invite action
  • Why not add banners aimed directly at our star products? For example, in the blog this client we have chosen to implement a couple of banners (without overloading the page) pointing to two of its products. Thus we try to monetize all that traffic we capture naturally
  • Includes a contact form. For example, in my own blog I have opened two contact forms (one in the sidebar and the other on a menu page) to facilitate contact for those wishing to become a professional proposal
  • No discards the traditional route of contact enabling a phone and your physical address (if you are an online store) may be more interesting

4. The blog as an entry professional proposals

We’ve advanced in the previous section. Here, you can target your blog to get professional proposals, and not only job opportunities (believe me, if you show what you know and do your personal brand reformists proposals arrive alone) but also for new projects.

5. Sell your personal brand, the most valuable of all intangible

For me, personal branding is critical in any business and despite all the time and all the resources you need to invest in it … worth it?

If you get consolidate Internet as an industry expert, ways to make money are multiple:

  • Sponsored Post: for example, a blog about SEO would be possible to promote tools or agencies for pay (I have not yet but … why not?)
  • Social Links: as a rule, quality blog is linked now to a strong social presence. And I know several cases of people achieving true masses move on their pages or Communities which are already earning money by linking and recommending brands in its sector
  • Sell ​​your authority (Author Rank) attached to the above, there are many companies looking profiles with authority in the field and are willing to pay in exchange for an article and get that precious link from Google Plus
  • Or you can connect the supply with demand. For example, I know professionals connecting generate business users who demand certain services to companies willing to lend

In short, and as you can see, you can make money online legitimately in many ways: we just need to be creative and work long hours. Can you think of any more ideas? Share it with us!

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