Insulate your home from noise and cold with PVC windows

The tranquility of our home often can be altered by the very different surrounding noises. If you want to get more acoustic and thermal insulation level, we suggest you opt for a PVC window as those offered us from Rehau.

Comfortable, warm and friendly are some of the adjectives that define our home by insulating our homes from inclement weather and noise pollution from suitable materials. You have to remember that every house that is not properly insulated will produce more energy to maintain proper temperature level.

PVC windowsTo combat noise, one of the most popular solutions are floating floors and ceilings, able to attenuate to a negligible 90% of the surrounding noise.

At the same time a good PVC windows, such as those offered by the German firm REHAU, allow us to keep away annoying noise around our home to help a friendly atmosphere and much calmer. This in its excellent technical properties is achieved because the PVC is a non-conductive material (not convey, by itself, neither cold nor heat from outside to inside the house). The same applies to the noise as thermal insulation and soundproofing go hand in hand and are two sides of the same coin.

With regard to heat loss or entry of cold outside, we go for the kind of above windows systems double glazing, since they are able to reduce by nearly half the heat loss compared to a conventional glazing. For doors, it is best to use weather stripping to close them or opt for mineral fiber insulation for surfaces like floors. It would not be negligible, making use of insulating behind baseboards, where the wall and ceiling, in addition to the situation in the door frames and walls meet.

Turning to the use of PVC windows for greater acoustic and thermal insulation in your home, you have to consider these further or rot or splinter, nor suffer corrosion phenomena that can occur with other materials. At the same time, PVC windows REHAU is much more sustainable than other materials, not to mention that for its manufacture requires less energy and its transformation only emits water vapor into the atmosphere.

In case you’re thinking about changing your windows because they do not isolate enough, we recommend relying on Rehau solutions, systems and services leading to an energy-efficient and sustainable construction.

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