Laser shaver is removed from Kickstarter for breaching conditions

In recent weeks sounded quite strongly the Kickstarter campaign promoting a razor that used laser instead of a blade to cut the facial hair, the idea sounded spectacular and innovative, but in the last hours has transpired that doubts the existence a copy that really works in the technology described its creators.

Laser ShaverWhen in doubt of the existence or non of the shaver, the project was suspended in Kickstarter where already had considerable support, but unfortunately could not continue publishing something that may not even exist in prototype.

The reasons for the suspension, despite the success in fund ($ 4 million), is because the product simply does not exist. Its creators have a prototype ready for testing, and one of the rules of the site crowdfunding, is that what you want to promote, you need to have a working prototype to demonstrate the real capabilities of what they want to make.

The conditions to reactivate the campaign by Kickstarter are fairly simple, the Laser Razor Skarp can return to the popular platform if he can present a working prototype of the product that shows us that this is possible to manufacture product under the conditions described creators .

At the moment everything depends on the creators of the Skarp Laser Razor, if they meet the requirement of Kickstarter we could be facing a really innovative product, but until we do everything to nothing, at least in Kickstarter and its creators already activated the Indiegogo campaign where we hope if there is such a functional prototype.

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