LG G3: The Masterpiece of LG

LG introduced the next update of its flagship line, by releasing the smartphone LG G3. The new G3 is one of the most beautiful modern smartphones, if we talk about the preferences of the mass buyer. There is mold design the smartphone is original and has a memory circuit. In addition, LG has implemented a steep cover for the back cover, which looks and feels like brushed metal. Of course, very quickly determined that the plastic cover. But the first impression of the phone, or rather from its appearance is enthusiastic. 

Koreans have achieved good performance, simulate the metal housing and, in general, LG G3 looks quite a premium. Moreover at both the front and rear phone is original. The front part of the smartphone is locked by solid protective glass. But, due to the fact that the lower portion of the insert under the display is decorated differently from the rest of the – silver Concentrated textured circles under glass, looks quite lively and unusual – recently none of the manufacturers resorted to such a reception, usually decorating all protective glass around the display in one color or pattern. Therefore, as the lower part of visually separated from the rest to the smartphone. Above the display is a standard set of flagship smartphone earpiece, 2.1 megapixel front camera, light sensor and proximity and LED. Below the screen is logo LG.


Between the front and rear along the perimeter of the device passes a silvery stripe. It creates the effect of “sandwich” and saturates the verge of a smartphone, making them not as simple as in the previous model G2. Side faces free of controls. On the top is only an additional microphone and infrared. Bottom – microUSB, the main microphone and audio jack of 3.5 mm. Traditionally for line G mechanical power button and volume control located on the rear of the unit, under the eye camera – all these elements are combined into a single visual unit Rear Key. To the left of the unit is laser module focus camera. Right – the dual LED flash. At the bottom of the cover on the left – the main speaker in a recess covered with netting. Due to the shape of the rear lid loudspeaker does not overlap when the smartphone is on a solid surface.

By the way, removable plastic cover, which is covered with a layer of metallization is much thicker than any others It can not be bent almost in half, as is often the case with covers of other smartphones, which are very thin and flexible. This point contributes to the absolute solidity of construction smartphone assembled. There is a very strong and rigid frame cover. For this indicator, LG G3 surpasses even molded LG G2, but, for example, Samsung Galaxy S5 still is even tougher because of the spill-resistant design.

LG is walking along with Samsung and rising in the market and we hope it will launch some solution more powerful than the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

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