Megasphaera, perhaps the first animal form existed on Earth

It’s called Megasphaera and perhaps is the first animal appeared to be on Earth

To make the discovery, and to continue with the investigation was the biologist of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Shuhai Xiao, who has found this Megasphaera in the Doushantuo Formation, specifically in Southern China. He talked about it in an article published in Nature, where he explained that most likely these are forms of life even prior to algae and animal forms that we know here because it seems to have no connection with other living beings appeared later.

TechYou can see this in Megasphaera photo is collective consisting of many circular areas, with their inner circles that attract much more a lotus flower (most recently finished in the spotlight because of a shampoo from the effects of “unwanted” and phony on the skin ) . It is a fossil small, which does not even reach the millimeter. His circles, moreover, are the cells, which is why we can speak to all the effects of a multicellular organism, perhaps appeared 600 million years ago, about 60 million years before the appearance of vertebrates.

But let’s see what he says Shuhai Xiao:

“When there is a ball of cells [those internal to the Megasphaera ed], these are divided continuously until formarne of new, without that the dimensions of the ball increase: are the small cells to become small. In a multicellular some cells will be diversify faster than the other, and if some grow faster, someone else will have to die. “

Lets get the geobiologist spoke of being pet, but also pointed out that this could be a great time to plant (in fact, compared him to a kind of species “alien”): It is not, however, neither a bacterium or a protist, and we know who lived in a marine habitat very similar to the tropical islands today. We will update you as soon as we have more information.

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