Microsoft continues with layoffs and assumes failure in buying Nokia’s mobile division

By 2013, when the mobile platforms from Apple and Google had already firmly established in the market and many companies “satellite” to these services and devices not felt the need to get out of this group, that the progress and gains This segment was so great that not only could split the profits by 2, and therefore parallel began his adventure in the world of mobile devices. This is the case of Microsoft, the software provider eternal for all who wanted to take the plunge and get into the fight of mobile devices using its expertise in software and buying the mobile division of Nokia for those difficult years.

MicrosoftMicrosoft’s idea was not bad, but I think we came pretty late to compete in the big leagues, and this was reflected in poor sales results of its terminals were not a total disaster, but not what Microsoft expected, much less after making a huge investment in the whole process. In 2013 Microsoft bought Nokia’s Devices & Services unit, for 5 billion dollars with over 1,800 million for patent issues. Along with operating the transfer of 32,000 workers including 18,000 in the part of production and manufacturing it took place.

The big problem for Microsoft was the number of staff had come from Nokia, from operators to senior officials, charging all salaries to a company that did not see get enough money from his new acquisition, which eventually led to all a point of no return, it was impossible to continue to support all staff from Nokia, so Microsoft began a major restructuring of the company with the idea of ​​ordering some employees template and leave only the necessary items. Short story, the date Microsoft and dismissed 18 thousand employees and has already announced the dismissal of thousands more.

Responsible for giving bad news was the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, who just announced that it will lay off 7,800 people in the division of smartphones, dismissals shortly after Stephen Elop (a key player in the purchase of Nokia) abandon Microsoft.

According to reports, Microsoft will devote its efforts to the strengths of the company and will leave much of the manufacturing of mobile devices. From now want to focus on the Windows ecosystem, but will continue to produce small-scale mobile and potential the software investment.

Finally, the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile division was a total and complete failure, and although we have no precise figures it appears that Microsoft lost more than I won with this move. On 21 July we will have the financial results of Microsoft, possibly with the information and figures clearly see why all these layoffs.

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