Obi Worldphone the Apple flavored smartphone

This time it’s not as often happens when we talk about a smartphone that bears some relationship to Apple, either by their similarity or their marketing. This time it’s something a little different, since this new brand of smartphones comes on the heels of one of the former CEOs of Apple, John Sculley who works with Robert Brunner.

SmartphoneAt the moment there were two terminals, SFJ SFJ 1 and 1.5, both belonging to the midrange and focused on the youth market, while offering a low cost both teams. All this without neglecting the quality and leading positions Qualcomm and MediaTek processor, Dolby, Gorilla Glass screens and Sony cameras.

To be a little more specific, the SFJ one comes armed with LTE, 5 “screen, 13 MP camera and a 5 MP (both with flash), a Snapdragon 615, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage, even if this were not enough there is also the option of 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. All this for $ 199 in the first version and $ 249 for the most equipped.

His brother, the SFJ 1.5 on the other hand is a bit more austere, as it is only compatible with 3G. Inside it carries a MediaTek processor along with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage (no more options here), an 8 MP camera and a 5 MP, which enjoys only the first LED flash. Likewise it has a 5 “screen and its value is $ 129.

You may wonder when it will come to your country and hopefully will be available to virtually everyone (no date announced launch for America or Europe), but for now will focus especially in Asia, Africa and the Middle East and will soon be presented in Vietnam, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Nigeria and Tanzania. It is recalled that both terminals running Android Lollipop and are designed panied in San Francisco.

Wow that although two terminals are quite attractive in appearance, specifications and price, are not exempt from all resemblance to certain terminals of the competition, which is noticed almost instantly when exploring your website . Still, it seems a very interesting proposal, we hope to see you soon in these parts (and hopefully in our hands).

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