Parrot, Among Drones and Premium Sound

Parrot, apart from making some show that another of its drones, including Bebop, this technology fair in Berlin, presented its premium wireless headsets designed by Philippe Starck, the Parrot Zik 3.

They have wireless charging for comfort (2 hours charging and 18 hours battery life) with battery of 830 mAh., Apart from offering the enjoyment of a great sound Hi-Fi without any cable that hinders its management, leather wrapped crocodile and the largest headband, offers more comfort. 32-bit processor, integrated analog-to-digital (192kHz-24 bit).

HeadphoneIs integrated in the handset a touch panel, according to finger movement we do, we can increase the volume or move a song, for example. For calls, it supports HD voice, plays the name of the person calling us and has voice recognition to initiate a call, take a cancellation of external noise that aims to make it appear that we are next to the person you talk in that moment.

Sound reproduction comes with a five-band parametric equalizer high performance, the feeling of some of its sound effects, recreates being in a concert hall or jazz concert.

Other specifications of note in terms of connectivity, Bluetooth 3.0 and NFC leads, and compatibility with Apple Watch and Android Wear, can through the app offered by the brand, have absolute control of reproduction. It weighs 270 grams.

This product will be available later this year…

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