Project Zero Maiden of Black Water, the return of survival through the front door

‘Project Zero’ and bounce ‘Project Zero Maiden of Black Water’, you plant to a third-person exploration with the terror of the Japanese flag marked as inspiration. In this fifth installment touches stroll through forests, abandoned homes and where you go collecting objects, completing puzzles temples and, of course, destroying ghosts as well.

For this you have a camera obscure created especially to exorcise spirits, so whenever you come across a spectrum must press a button and jump to a first person view, controllable with sticks or motion sensors Wii U Gamepad, from which you shoot photos to weaken ghosts.

Project Zero is better with Wii U

Every time the camera shoots the target ghost lost soul fragments that float around. If we frame the largest possible number of fragments with photo spirit more damage that you do, but if you failed and end up returning to the body fragments, will recover part of his life.

Project Zero is better with Wii U

The great strength of this year compared to other versions is the need to frame these fragments, turning the camera to get the best angle shooting, a small novelty that adds another layer of depth to the fighting and is a great incentive when you brave and you want to frame a group of ghosts with their respective fragments in a single photograph.

Besides ghosts attackers also you will find presences as entities representing the suicide of his physical past or wandering souls who wander from house to house. These presences are displayed momentarily and force you to be proficient with the camera to photograph them if you want to escape. Doing so will give you a bunch of points that you can use to improve the different aspects of our camera or lens you use.

The camera also serves to complete puzzle (take a photo of a particular place previously seen in another photo) or uncover hidden items that will be collected later with a minigame already seen in other installments in which hand to grab approach running the risk that try to grab a ghostly arm. As you never know at what point will appear, take any crap soil becomes one of the most tense moments of the game. So far, if you are a modern gamer of blackjack online for example, you will love this game as you will have full of suspense and excitement in this version of Project Zero.

They will not be alone, because the three protagonists of the game are specialists get nervous every time they open a door as slowly as possible or they run through the water with the same speed. Everything is focused on that bad passes, and the sound atmosphere and put the icing on a cake that hands out of the water or wrists appearing and disappearing our steps just closed the circle.

Probably control, which requires going through the sensitivity setting you will lose the nerves every now and the mechanics of water, which lets you do more damage to the camera when you are wet, but also generates more ghosts, are the weakest points a game, without any triple A, will delight all fans of horror.


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