The Best Video Games of 2015

Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment today and with so many types of games set to come onto the market this year players will be spoiled for choice. From adventure and fantasy games to simulation games and AAA games series, whether for the Xbox One, PlayStation, Wii or PC, all players will have plenty of options. Here are a few of the best games to watch out for in 2015:

Best Video Games

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No Man’s Sky is an exciting release for the PlayStation 4 and PC. This game is a space simulation allowing gamers to explore a distinctive planet filled with interesting life forms. You can arrange your planet how you wish and there is also the option to head off in your ship to explore other players’ planets too.
Rock Band 4 is the next in the series of this fun game available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There are some excellent and realistic sound effects for guitar, drums and vocals with new instruments set to be released which will be compatible.

Web Design and Marketing for Video Games

In order to create these kinds of sophisticated games, companies need to hire programming experts to create the game along with designers to create the characters and settings. The video and audio needs to be top quality in order to create a game that is immersive and realistic. Games also need top PR people and marketing experts to adequately ensure the game is advertised in the right places and to the right people. Experts in SEO and marketing, such as those at bhm media, are needed to ensure the marketing and web design are perfect, while particular care needs to be given in terms of healthcare seo for companies looking to market themselves in the health sector.

One game that uses excellent media skills in terms of web design is the Legend of Zelda, a Wii game set to storm onto the market this year, while Wolfenstein: the Old Blood is another adventure title set for release in May, this time for the Xbox One PlayStation and PC. This offered a series of stand-alone missions and a welcome progression on from the shoot-em-up game of last year with Wolfenstein: the New Order.

The Success of the UK Video Games Industry

The video games industry is booming right now in the UK and it is interesting to look back to see how video games became such as important area of growth, as examined by this article from the BBC. These kinds of games are so popular, there is even talk of television programmes being based on stories from famous video games, such as the Grand Theft Auto series, as discussed here in an article by the Independent.

The Witness is a mystery game with an adventure and exploration theme, set on a beautiful desert island. There are lots of puzzles to decipher along with mazes to explore and audio clips to uncover. This exciting title is to be released later this year on the PlayStation 4, PC and iOS.

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