The death bug also exists in Skype

Last week we discussed on a bug that affected iOS and messaging applications, the problem was a message that combined a number of specific characters who managed to embarrass the entire device, to the point of preventing any action and restart the Apple device. In this particular case the solution was quite simple, just had to send a new message to the affected device and it allowed you to open the application and delete the message that generated the conflict, unfortunately for Skype the problem is a bit more serious.

SkypeAccording to VentureBeat mentioned on the internet, Skype users receive a message containing the string “http: //” (without the quotes), may not re-open the application, as this will lock every time We try to access it.

Affected?, almost all users of iOS, Android and Windows, so far only users of OS X saved the problem apparently. For many unlucky this bug is serious, not because going to mess up your computer or your mobile device, it is called “serious” application rendered useless because it leaves no alternative but to remove the current application and find an older version of Skype to re-install the recaigas not the same problem, and this solution is only available for Windows users.

Fortunately the people of Skype and got down to work to solve the problem and made available to all the new application installer, now with the problem solved. So no choice but to upgrade as soon as possible our version of Skype and avoid hoaxes by our contacts. As some say, better safe than sorry.

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