The drones Amazon for deliveries and operating in flight within a year

Deliveries of goods will take place Amazon drone in a year. It seemed impossible, but it really happened: the drones Amazon for deliveries could become operational, and then take off, within a year; These were the words, according to our sources, an official of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the new law has yet to be well studied and written, but is expected to become operational within a year, just to allow commercial giants similar to Amazon, and Amazon itself, to start making the first deliveries. A nice finish, no doubt about it, saw that a few years ago such a situation was absolutely unthinkable.

DronesAccording to sources, Amazon said that it is ready when the new regulation will be approved and becomes operational, in fact, the drones of the company will be ready to make the first deliveries in flight; the idea of the company as you know dates back to 2013, and only now everything is moving so that there are no impediments of any kind, at least not in America, as in Europe after the events to protect the physical store – c it is to be prepared for anything, including privacy, unfair competition, and so on and so forth.

Meanwhile, in China, something similar is already moving: is for some time, in fact, that Alibaba deliver to Beijing and Shanghai, among others, as in the East had no problem with the certification bodies; Amazon, however, He was forced to reckon with the FAA, and therefore had to first test its prototype for deliveries in Canada and other countries. Now Amazon will start flying with its drones, and ensure that e-commerce can be improved even further in many of its aspects we will keep you updated.

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