The Edge Rank Facebook: how the engine works the social network!

Facebook not at its best. One reason is found in the recent changes in your Edge Rank, the particular social network algorithm, which have caused many of the publications that we share not see almost anyone, especially if conducted from fan pages.

Have you heard of this algorithm? We could define it as the engine of Facebook, the mechanism that decides what we see and what not. Then we will see more details about it and how it works.

What is Facebook Edge Rank?

For those who work daily with Facebook is not new, but as users might surprise us to see how there are publications that have a limited scope when you consider the number of followers of our website. Is it an error? No, to find an answer to this conflict have to go to your Edge Rank.

The Edge Rank algorithm is Facebook that determines whether our publications are interesting or not for users, depending on what these published in their news feed. In other words, Facebook aims to make every timeline mainly see the most relevant content for us.

Algorithm formula Facebook

What factors do you consider? The variables considers Mark Zuckerberg company to define its Edge Rank are:

  • Affinity. Relationship established between two Facebook users or between a user and a company page. The more fans to interact with you more likely it is that your publication reach its walls.
  • Weight. Not all publications are equal. The weight is determined by her type of interaction that a user with our publications. Thus, a comment on a post on our profile has more weight than a “like” or click on the link to share. Similarly, if you normally interact with the same page the weight of publications and EdgeRank fanpage of the user will be higher.
  • Time. How long does a publication in our timeline? At first the EdgeRank giving priority to the most recent publications, however, in the interest of providing the most relevant content for each user, Facebook has reversed and we can see older posts Featured new in our wall.

Changes EdgeRank: my publications no one reads!

But not only is in these 3 factors, Facebook goes further few months ago introduced some 1,000 variables to define the quality of the publications of a fan page and evaluate which ones should emphasize more on the timeline of users. These new findings are:

  • If publications have been made since Facebook or by external applications.
  • If the page has completed all the information or not.
  • The number of times users have marked your posts as low quality
  • Comparisons with other similar quality pages to see if there are and how many fans shared.

Thus, as noted earlier, now published not “expire”. The new Facebook EdgeRank allows previously published stories again see the light or first appear in a user’s wall. Why? Basically because they have many “likes” and comments from other users or our own friends, causing to be displayed before other recent publications.

This is an advantage because it allows our timeline is finest and the most related publications have our interests. However, 84% of users still do not see a page publications and organic range is between 3 and 7% of all their fans. Visit for more tips.

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