The new 3DMark measures how was your computer behaves at UHD / 4K

All we are clear that the 4K UHD or be the next great evolution of our PC screens, and Futuremark (creators of benchmarks like 3DMark) begin to adjust to them. His latest milestone was implementing a 4K benchmark for users to start measuring performance at this resolution.

Games1.4.775 The latest version of 3DMark, available now, adds an additional Fire Strike. At ‘normal’ editions (1080p) and “Extreme” (1440p) is added existing Ultra Fire Strike, which renders content UHD (3840×2160 pixels) and then rescaled to the resolution that you have at this time. This way you can see how your computer behaves when generating graphics UltraHD to get an idea of whether it will be able to effectively move games to the eight million or so pixels, or if any updates need to move correctly.

Futuremark has added Ultra Fire Strike to your tables the best in the market, and it can see that the GTX 980 NVidia sweep with the Core i7 processors, AMD graphics in the background taking up positions quite low. Nothing we did not expect and that define NVidia as the best positioned to lead the hardware world ready for 4K.

3DMark is updated for 4K, with more than enough time since the new UltraHD still take to be a massive resolution. You will need to adapt both hardware (for reference, recommends 3DMark GPU with 3GB of RAM to run Ultra Fire Strike) and monitors continue to decrease its price. They started in the thousand-odd euros and currently there are some that are for about 420 euros , far more attractive than some starting figures for Tae think, but still far to adapt the UHD market as the new ‘standard’ resolution.

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