The Rise Of Twitter And The Importance Of Mobile Traffic

Not usually talk too much about what were the causes that have led to the strong growth of the US company Twitter. Both the number of users and the social relevance of them. But we try to look beyond to see how a medium-term strategy has allowed the company has positioned itself as a reference in the eyes of most users.

TwitterIt is common to hear that the company’s success is due to the use and freshness of your 140 characters do not waste time to read them and also be quick to allow the sample information and content. But after all that, there was at first a planning exercise in the medium term, completely successful and the results are as we all know. Indeed, such has been the success of the company, which emerged around him many professions and businesses, from community managers to specialized sites and what is ahead.

Years ago most of the traffic came from desktop devices where the ability to display more text allowing the use of longer and more complex items. As the traffic was moving to the use of mobile devices, the screens were being smaller, so the relevance of a condensate content in 140 characters was gaining strength, as we see today. The transfer of traffic “desktop” to “mobile” required a more “focused” content creators of Twitter, were able to see for years. Hence, much of its success.

Therefore, the growth of Twitter, is a clear example of the medium long term forecast of trends in Internet use over time. Now it seems easy to make such an analysis but it is true that years ago, when the company started, this evolution was not so simple to be aware of and it just ask Nokia or Blackberry.

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