TinyOwl Food Ordering – Best app that provides delicious food

TinyOwl is the leading company that allows online food ordering app. They are getting popular these days and there are thousands of users using this app. The producer of this app is the leading food chain. They had opened their thousands of outlets in Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune and serve the food with love and provide the wide varieties of dishes and cuisines. All the varieties of traditional and contemporary dishes are easily available here at one click. TinyOwl are also efficient in serving the appetite of people who demands Italian, Chinese,Thai, south Indian and mughlai food. I had various favorite dishes but this time I decided to order Dosa from TinyOwl. Actually my friend recommended me to taste the Dosa of TinyOwl once. So I place my order. Within 30 minutes I get my order. I was extremely happy with the services provided by them. This is my first time to order any south Indian cuisine from the online sites. But I was surprised to see the packaging facility. There are separate boxes for every item. The box is prepared hygienically and it is hot too. Now I am ready to eat my Dosa. The size of the Dosa is more than its normal size. The gravyalso known as sambhar is also hot and smells good. This gravy is made of pluses and vegetables like beans, tomatoes and chilies. When I take my first bite of Dosa, its flavors melts in my mouth. Its outer wrapper is crunchy and soft too.

The stuffing filled inside it is made of farm fresh vegetables. The stuffing of potato, onion, tomato, beans, mushrooms and peas is so tasty and flavorful that I had never tastes in my life. The aroma coming out from this Dosa is delightful. All the flavors in this are balanced accordingly. The chutney or sauce is made up of coconut and it is complemented with the entire cuisine of Dosa. I feel so glad that I had finally met with the taste that suits my needs and requirements. I am definitely ready to bet you that one cannot find such a taste in South India also.

The experienced and professional chefs of TinyOwl are ready to give the tough competition to the other food ordering sites and to the leading restaurants also. They have good meals and there are large numbers of options to choose from.There are several breakfast, lunch and dinners options to choose from. I feel that it is the best place to order the south Indian food stuff.Actually I am a foodie person and enjoy food of every type. I especially like South Indian food because it is tasty as well as healthy. And the texture, taste and aroma of south Indian food are incredible. I had placed several orders on TinyOwl and at every order I met with an extraordinary taste that blows my mind and makes me feel so good. In my opinion all the food stuff of TinyOwl are worth eating and satisfies the appetite of everyone. So your order is just a click away from you. I personally give a 5 star rating to this application.

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