Top Ten Worst Web User Experience

User experience is the user visits a Web site or use a product for all of the experience. Their impressions and feelings, the success is to enjoy, whether it would like to come back and use this site, is an important indicator to measure site quality. Summed up the worst sites of 10 user experience in the hope of the people who work in this field some help.

Top Ten Worst Web User Experience

1, long page download time. If the page download time of more than 30 seconds, hardly a user will like your site.

2, outdated information. Long time no updates, it is easy for visitors to feel resentment, but also at the heart of your brand image of this site greatly reduced.

3, death of connections or connection error. This is not said, this is the most basic mistakes, but better still this error, including Sina that great site.

4, isolation of the page. Users do not know what method to return home. This often occurs in the information prompted the survey results page or content page.

5, too complex file directory and file name. Too complex file directory and file names, do not use search engines pick up on the page, and not conducive to the viewers memory. Almost 100% of people use IE when typing the URL cache. Directories and files are too complex, behind IE cache seo Services is on the lower parts, of course, was the second time you visit more than a small chance.
Do not say what is the use favorites. Do you think there will be more than half will be used favorites it? And favorites like my kind of people who are too large, would like to find a web site in Favorites is less easy.

6, use frames. Does not recommend the use of the framework. Do not why, because search referrals do not like. Even googles advertising program in the framework of the code is to have separate.

7, to change your browser home page.
Some sites do not directly modify the page to tell you, some one to enter the page it will ask you if you set it as the home page, and some time to leave it when you call you will be prompted to set it as the home page. The purpose of this lot are for the improvement of PV, for fear others do not know its site. Many browsers home page was modified these sites are not changed them back, they do not want, or are too lazy to change what they do not care home. The best example is the home page year changes.

8, friendly navigation. Unfriendly navigation is the most affected user action and can not be very convenient to use the mind to find the content of their thought. Users do not know how to return to a previous page, does not know what part the current page is under. This site is likely to come once the user will not come again.

9, malicious plug-ins, malicious pop-up window.

10, not too many pages to use _blank. Excessive pop-up a new window, will take up a lot of computer resources. Affect the viewers browsing speed.

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