Why Unified Communications Bring Out the Best in VoIP

Technology is improving in a rapid day each and every day to meet the increasing demand in various professional field as well as day to day life. Communication has become a vital part of technology. There are various modes of communication that are being used in the day to day business of life. UC or Unified Communications is the latest technical craze in the IT industry which offers a profound system of communication. Unified communications refers to the comprehensive integration of distinct real time communication services with non real time services of communications.

Unified Communications

It does to refer to any single device; rather unified communications is formed from combination of various communication types like:

  • Video Conferencing
  • Web conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Group Messaging
  • Voice Mail
  • Instant Messaging
  • Presence Information
  • Business process integration
  • Email
  • Faxes

When all these and many more types of communication elements and types are combined and fused into one common respiratory end or common interface so as to establish an all round communication system it is known as Unified Communication.


VoIP is a great technology standardized by the telecommunications industry. It is the Broadband and Voice over Internet Protocol. Also termed as IT Telephony it can be defined in simple terms as the transmission of voice over a broad data network.

VoIP integration with Unified Communications

VoIP integration with an UC system provides an edge to the communication standards. VoIP makes communication easier in cases of potential emergencies. It is already equipped with certain advanced mechanisms that are being incorporated in already existing unified communication systems to broaden the limits of communication level.

  • Advanced FMFM or Find Me Follow Me functionality
  • Forwarding a voice mail to your email

The combined usages of VoIP and Unified Communications have already embarked a huge and successful impact on small and midsized organizations. This combination has resulted in a simplified and more convenient communication system that works dynamically on multiple levels at a time.

  • You can respond to messages even without getting out of messaging system.
  • Simply forward a voice message to anyone while staying within a single call.
  • On a single call send messages to multiple recipients.
  • Attached in mail send voice messages.
  • Get all fax information, new fax etc on your phone.
  • Dictate your reply of a mail over the phone and send.

The massive acknowledgement and enthusiasm growing around VoIP has made it common implementation with existing unified communications systems. The dependency and successful recognition of the use and benefits of Unified communications in small, medium as well as large organizations is amazing.  This kind of fine recognition has also helped in the rapid growth of demand for comprehensive implementation of VoIP in the communication system of the world of business. One of the real facts about the technologies is that both complement each another in a hi-tech way. Together they make possible high standard of communication, taking communication level altogether to a new height.

The popular choice of communication system in recent is that of VoIP combined with UC. Even large enterprises are starting to take intense interest in it. It is already stepping towards worldwide popularity like technologies like Web presence, online existence, etc. Access all your communication elements through a single unified system. This not only means hassle free communication but also means easy and convenient communication at all times. Besides that installing a UC or VoIP system is also within budget since you can always choose the provisions and types of communicative options you want for your institution.

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